Terms & Conditions BC

Upon receiving this document, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. We guarantee your bond back. It will be released on a maximum period of five days.
  2. If the property doesn´t have the following services; water or power, guarantee won’t be valid.
  3. If you have a recall from the property manager, real state agent, or house owner, our team will return within 48 hrs., please allow time mentioned. Exit reports or emails with proof must be sent to us before attending. (admin@drcleanservices.com.au and info@drcleanservices.com.au ) If you decide to proceed to REDO the cleaning by yourself or hire other cleaners, our guarantee won’t be valid, and no reimbursement will be done.
  4. The following items are NOT Included if not specified in booking: *Mould in walls / Ceilings, furniture cleaning, exterior windows, high pressure, rubbish removal, blinds, garage, and balcony. ALL CAN BE DONE UPON REQUEST. If you decide to not book the items mentioned above and the real estate requested to clean, we are able to assist you but with an extra fee plus the price of the item.
  5. Extra rooms: is considered an extra room if you have more than one living room or dining room.
  6. Carpets and blinds; will be asses and notify prior to starting the job if the conditions are not normal and can’t bring back to their original stage.
  7. Cancelations must be notified 24hr prior date and time booked, a cancelation fee of $50 dollars if not.


Terms & Conditions HK

  1. Please confirm your cleaning via sms 24 hours prior to your clean.
  2. Cancellation fee of $25 will apply if at least 12 hours’ notice not given.
  3. If you are Unsatisfied with ourservices, we must be notified within 6 hours, please make sure you have all the photos as a prof. We will send cleaners to redo the cleaning within 24hrs.
  4. Cleaning hours might vary depending on the house size and state (how dirty it is).